Atelier Pietro Longhi

In the heart of oldest Venice, between the Frari Church and the Rialto Bridge you can find the showroom open to the public: a small stronghold of culture and Venetian tradition. Guests are welcomed by connoisseurs of history of costume, art and European architecture that explain the history of each of the over six hundred suits in the Atelier, motivating the choices of fabrics and shapes. For this reason, international media and newspapers require interviews in different languages, showing to their viewers the ancient Venetian sartorial art. Lectures on the history of costume are held also inside the showroom, relying in this case on professionals that explain links with the history of art, architecture, literature and philosophy as well as the history of costume.

San Polo 2608
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  • 1797 The last Carnival… so was rumored by the Venetian streets when Napoleon, arriving from the sea, entered the city that nobody ever had been able to conquer.
    He introduced a new fashion: free women and men without white wigs and crinolines.
    The rich Venetians who welcomed him dismissed the large court clothing to follow the new […]